dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Jean Christoph Benoit: Ravel (Selmer)

Op een platenmarkt kwam ik iets bijzonders tegen. 
De bariton Jean Christophe Benoit nam voor het label Selmer op 3 25cm 78t.platen de voor mij onbekende liederencyclus Histoires naturelles van Maurice Ravel op. 
Ravel schreef deze cyclus in 1906, op teksten van Jules Renard. Een mooie uitvoering.

Maurice Ravel: Histoires naturelles
1  Le paon (de pauw)    4:45
2  Le grillon (de krekel)    3:17
3  le cygne (de zwaan)    3:38
4  Le martin pêcheur (de ijsvogel)    2:31
5  La pintade (de parelhoen)    2:46
Jean Christoph Benoit, bariton; Jacqueline Stij, piano
78t 25 cm: Selmer Z 7208-10  Part 11-271~8
Totale tijd:   16:57

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. I should expect that a record label named 'Selmer' coming from France would have some connection with the famous music instrument manufacturer. The logotype is not a familiar one, and I can find nothing about a former record label on the company's website.

    Anyone know if there was a connection?

    1. In fact, Selmer started producing records in the early 1930s. Apparently its first 78s were mainly of variety, jazz and spoken word. After the war, it concentrated on wind music. If you search the catalogue of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, you will find hundreds of entries! Many discs are merely listed rather than catalogued. From 1950, Selmer co-produced records with Ducretet-Thomson, and from 1953 until 1957 with Decca. A small French label, Ossia Productions, has reissued some of these on CD, from master tapes; I found the above info in the booklet of Le Saxophoniste Marcel Mule, Ossia 1005/2, whose cover also shows part of a disc label with the same logo as in Rolf's photo - thanks for this transfer, Rolf, which will download and look forward to listening to! Best wishes, Nick

    2. Thanks for this valuable information, Nick!