woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Yvonne Printemps (HMV, 1931)

Yvonne Printemps (Ermont, 25.07.1894 - Parijs, 19.01.1977): Eigenlijke naam: Yvonne Wigniolle. Franse zangeres en actrice. Debuteerde op haar 12e in een revue in La Cigale, Parijs. Danste in de Folies Bergère op haar 13e. Ging optreden in operettes: Les contes de Perrault (1913); Le poilu (1916). Ze werd een grote ster, trad als tiener al samen op met Maurice Chevalier en Mistinguett. 
Trouwde in 1919 met Sacha Guitry (1885-1957), Frans acteur, regisseur (33 films), toneelschrijver (124). Ze traden samen op in een aantal van Guitry's stukken, w.o. Mozart. Ze trad op in 9 films, w.o. Les trois valses (1938). 
Ze scheidde in 1934 van Sacha Guitry ten gunste van de Franse acteur Pierre Fresnay, met wie ze in 8 van haar 9 films speelde en bij wie ze de rest van haar leven bleef.

Albert Willemetz, Sacha Guitry: Le pot-pourri d'Alain Gerbault (arr. Labis)
Yvonne Printemps, sopraan
Orkest o.l.v. Raoul Labis
78t 30 cm: HMV D 1996  (32-2104/5)  2K118-2/119-1
Opname 1931.
Tijd:   8:26

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  1. Mediafire permitts the download, as they say it is protected by copyright. I hope that you are not the next victim of some wrong identification computer program, because I cannot imagine that anyone legally owns the copyright for this piece of music!

    1. When Mediafire makes too much problems, I also intend to make a private blog with only members, like Neil has done.

  2. I think a private blog doesn't avoid problems you get with a data hoster - it is only helpful if there is a risk that blogspot will close your blog. I myself had no problems with mediafire until now, but your experience brings me to looking for an alternative where one can store his music to share it without getting troubles...

    1. It's a dilemma: I think if there is a limited group of members, it is less likely that someone unjustly complains to Mediafire about copyrights.

  3. It musn't be that some reader of the blog has complained. The owner of the blog "The Music Parlour" had troubles because there are computer programs which search the web for copyright violations. These programs aren't musical but check a number of parameters of sound files. They sometimes (or maybe even often) mix up files which have similar parameters. In the "Music Parlour" a classical tune from the 50ies was identified as a Japanese punk rock title and Mediafire was alarmed. And even if the error is obvious, it seems to be not so easy to make Mediafire reject such a complaint!

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